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The biggest sale of the year has arrived

Kick your fall productions into high gear with our selection of premium plug-ins, for only $29 each, or stock up with our All Bundle for only $99 (VST/AAX/AU).



Vintage Spring Reverb

The RO-SPR is an authentically modeled vintage spring reverb that adds character and just the right amount of psychedelic flair to your productions. It offers 6 different spring types, bass cut, a three-band EQ, as well as spring length and mode control, for the ultimate customizable reverb unit.

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Vari-Mu Compressor

The OmniTec-436C stands as a true testament to the pursuit of audio excellence. Meticulously engineered with meticulous attention to detail, this cutting-edge masterpiece possesses the power to rejuvenate your productions, injecting them with a vibrant energy and a timeless allure reminiscent of the golden age of music.

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Original Levelling Amplifier

The bespoke compressor like no other, where creativity meets innovation. The Koen Heldens KH-COMP1 Signature Compressor is a versatile beast! The unique Hilbert Transformer and the Zero Latency Design will allow for the fastest attack on the market. Great for: literally everything!

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Vintage Plate Reverb

The best of a vintage classic for ultimate reverb authenticity. Modeled on THE classic with 6 different materials, the RO-140 offers a virtually infinite amount of customisation options for limitless creativity, while delivering in our signature vintage style.

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Vintage Preamp

Motown’s secret sauce. This vintage tube preamp turns even the most sterile of signals into a rich-sounding production by introducing lush vintage tube saturation and that 1567A sparkle. From gritty vocals to saturated drums and harmonically complex mixes, this vintage classic with a twist can do it all.

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The Tone Maker

Our newest guitar preamp sim is a must-have for every producer. It’s the fastest way to get the guitar, bass, or vocal tone you're looking for - whether that’s a character-filled vintage tone or full-on heavy metal distortion. This versatile unit can do it all.

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Semi-parametric Equalizer

A one-of-a-kind EQ with an incomparable IQ. The KH-EQ1 is a semi-parametric 5-band EQ like no other! It features 5 ear-selected frequency ranges that each come with their matching saturation parameter, allowing you to create rich and colorful tracks. Great for: vocals, instruments, buss, and mix channels.

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Vintage Tape Echo

The TD-201 vintage tape echo plug-in brings the unmistakable sound of the most beloved tape delay unit into the 21st century. This highly customizable piece of studio history effortlessly switches between old-school ping pong to a deep space odyssey, and everything in between - it’s all you’ve ever wanted from a tape delay!

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Vintage Tube Compressor

Introducing the all-new VTC-2, a beautiful audio plugin that meticulously emulates the rich warmth and sonic intricacies of vintage tube compressors.

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Vintage FET leveling amplifier

A legendary studio staple, with a unique upgrade. Inspired by one of the most famous leveling amplifiers in studio history, the VLA-FET emulates the distinct circuitry of its 70s counterpart - Lundahl transformers and all - only with the addition of an Auto Fast release mode and a high-pass filter on the sidechain. This plug-in gives you incredible variety and the most intuitive manipulation of dynamics.

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"I’m really digging Black Rooster Audio’s plugins and I am using them regularly in my arsenal of mix plugins."

Darrell Thorp

Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Beck

Extensive DAW Compatibility

Black Rooster Audio Plug-Ins (AAX/VST/AU) are compatible with all major digital audio workstations (DAW) and many more.

Avid ProTools ProTools
Presonus Studio One Studio One
Steinberg Cubase Cubase
Reaper Reaper
Bitwig Bitwig
Audition Audition
Live Live
Logic Logic
Digital Performer Digital Performer
FL Studio FL Studio