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Vintage Room & Echo

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Supported formats

AAX plugin support VST plugin supprt Audio Unit plugin support

Supported platforms (32/64 bit)



  • Intel Core CPU or Apple SIlicon M1/M2 Processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.9 or newer (M1/M2 supported)
  • VST, AU or AAX compatible host (64bit)
  • Display resolution of 1280x1024 pixels or more


  • SSE2 compatible processor (Intel Core CPU recommended)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • VST or AAX compatible host
  • Display resolution of 1280x1024 pixels or more


About the TD-201 Vintage Tape Echo Plug-In

The TD-201 vintage tape echo plug-in brings the unmistakable sound of the most beloved tape delay unit into the 21st century. This highly customizable piece of studio history effortlessly switches between old-school ping pong to a deep space odyssey, and everything in between - it’s all you’ve ever wanted from a tape delay!

About the RO-SPR Vintage Spring Reverb Plug-In

The RO-SPR is an authentically modeled vintage spring reverb that adds character and just the right amount of psychedelic flair to your productions. It offers 6 different spring types, bass cut, a three-band EQ, as well as spring length and mode control, for the ultimate customizable reverb unit.

About the RO-GOLD Vintage Plate Reverb Plug-In

Based on the physical model of a million dollar gold-plate, the RO-GOLD offers a wonderful mellow plate-sound experience that will give you richness and density, while maintaining the clarity of an original plate reverb.

About the RO-140 Vintage Plate Reverb Plug-In

The best of a vintage classic for ultimate reverb authenticity. -- Modeled on THE classic with 6 different materials, the RO-140 offers a virtually infinite amount of customisation options for limitless creativity, while delivering in our signature vintage style.

Products included


Frontplate of RO-140


Frontplate of RO-SPR


Frontplate of RO-GOLD


Frontplate of TD-201


Authentic circuit emulation

Our real time SPICE type component based circuit simulation approach allows to authentically capture the sound and feel of the analog counterpart in all nuances. All crucial parts of the original circuits including audio transformers, tube stages or passive filter networks have been faithfully modeled.

SSE2/AVX & Apple Silicon optimized code

DSP operations are pipelined using chip-specific instruction set. This ensures the highest possible performance operation despite very complex computations.

Auto-adjusted oversampling for maximum audio transparency

Aliasing artifacts are efficiently attenuated using a low latency linear phase Dolph-Chebyshev poly-phase design. The oversampling is auto-adjusted to your session‘s sample rate to save valuable CPU power while offering the most transparent sound possible.

HighDPI / Retina support

All our plug-Ins support high pixel density on Mac OSX and Windows to bring you the most enjoyable user experience on high DPI displays. Please refer to your manual to find whether your DAW is HighDPI capable if you‘re working on Windows.