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About Black Rooster Audio

We're an eager audio software company from Germany that brings you premium quality audio plugins for your digital audio workstation. Our processors can be used in the most popular host applications such as Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Avid ProTools and many others supporting the AAX, VST and Audio Units formats. We put all our dexterity into contriving and creating the most state-of-the-art audio software. We want to support you in your everyday recording, mixing or mastering process and provide you with highly creative, inspiring and great sounding tools.

As musicians ourselves we know about the expectations towards audio software. Our development process is entirely focused on what our customers demand when it comes to the shaping of sound – easy to use plugins, that are well designed and functional. All aspects are carefully balanced around the audio processing to create our unique products. It's our passion to bring you the most pristine sounding, visually appealing and convincing plugins. Thank you for appreciating our work and have fun browsing our website.

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» Check our Compressors

Accurately modeled after the original 70s/80s units the Blueface and Blackface versions of classic and sought-after VCA compressors open up a whole world of versatility: Super gentle compression to smashed-up live drums.

» Check the VLA-2A

Black Rooster Audio is proud to present the VLA-2A - the world‘s finest emulation of THE opto-electronic compressor of the late 1960s. Let the VLA-2A plugin feature your signals' dynamic in a lively and very musical way.

» Check the VLA-3A

The VLA-3A takes aspects from its predecessor and combines it with a discrete solid-state circuitry. It still maintains the classic T4 based opto-compressor sound but features a quicker, brighter and more modern response.

» Check the VEQ-5

The VEQ-5 plugin is inspired by one of the most famous and renowned equalizers in studio history - focussing on the power range frequencies from 200Hz to 7kHz it is aimed at cleaning up and sweetening vocals. But it also does a great job on guitars and keys.

Supported Plugin Formats

AAX, Audio Units & VST plugins

All our plugins support the AAX native, Audio Units and VST plugin formats using our proprietary wrapper technology. After the installation your preferred digital audio workstation will recognize and integrate the plugins as usual. Our wrappers hook up with your DAW to make its services available to our plugins. We also offer a legacy installation mode to help out in cases where the wrapper technology is not supported, so our products can also be installed as normal VST plugins if desired. This way we can provide pretty much the same functionality on the most common hosts, such as Avid Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, Apple Logic and many others on both Mac OS and Windows.

AAX plugin support
VST plugin support
Audio Units plugin support
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