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The Ash Bundle is here!

by Nikita Alvaro (comments: 0)

We are proud to announce the re-release of our iconic vintage compressor plug-ins, the BlueAsh SC-5 and the BlackAsh SC-5 in the form of the ASH Bundle.

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#STAYHOME Conclusion

#STAYHOME - A huge thank you to our community

by Nikita Alvaro (comments: 1)

We are proud to announce that thanks to our incredible Black Rooster Audio Family, we are donating $25,449.54 to the WHO Covid-19 Response Fund.

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André Kirchner (CEO)

Solidarity Statement

by André Kirchner (comments: 0)

Regardless of whether you feel addressed by our campaign and / or have participated, we ask you to support local and global solidarity projects and the many (volunteer) helpers actively or by donation and thus cushion the massive social impact of the worsening crisis.


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Win the VLA Bundle

by André Kirchner (comments: 29)

For 2K20 we aim for a more open strategy on how we plan and build software that really fits the requirements of our customers & supporters. One crucial part to that is the understanding of your story and your professional needs - so: We would love to get to know you better, with regular questions. If you like, please share your story and ask us back anything you'd like to know.

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New year intentions from the CEO

by André Kirchner (comments: 3)

2020 is going to be game-changing for me personally and the brand that is Black Rooster Audio

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7 things to know about our vintage EQs

(comments: 1)

Our three equalizer plug-ins are all inspired by classic Pultec designs. These are timeless classics that are held in high regard for the unique mojo and character they impart on any sound source. And: our VHL-3C is FREE!

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4 ideas on becoming more professional

by André Kirchner (comments: 1)

Studio thermometer is dripping sweat, the CPU is at 95% and you just ran out of coffee - and there's an album to mix in the next two days. Dayum! We have talked to a lot of friends and mix engineers, that can refer to that story char by char. With lots of tears, sweat and curses that made it a bumpy, non-relaxed studio time. So we gathered a short list of do's and dont's to really go from amateur to pro, being a mix engineer or recording artist.

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7 things to know about our VLA-FET

(comments: 2)

VLA-FET compressor/limiter is one of our top sellers, and for good reason. It's inspired by the venerable 1176 which is one of the most used and loved compressors of all time. It really is truly useful. Here are some things you might not know about the VLA-FET!

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7 things to know about our VLA-2A

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Our VLA-2A is a fantastic compressor that is inspired by an original 1968 Teletronix LA-2A—one of the greatest studio legends of all time. Learn more about the LA-2A and the VLA-2A in this article.

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