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As part of our SUMMER SALE we have bundled our newest best-selling plug-ins (AAX/VST/AU) for you to add to your arsenal.

Melt the ice with this sizzling combination of compression, EQ and vintage plate reverberation at an unbeatable price.

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What's in the bundle

A fresh summer breeze from these 3 hotties

With our Koen Heldens Signature plug-ins, the KH-COMP1 compressor and the KH-EQ1 mid/side equalizer you have some mighty tools at your hand to perfectly shape the sound of your single tracks and mix busses. Round it up with positioning your mix in the room with the vintage RO-140 plate, that is giving you the "gold standard" when it comes to retro reverberation. Enjoy these 3 hotties.

"I'm really digging Black Rooster Audio's plugins and I am using them regularly in my arsenal of mix plugins."

Darrell Thorp

Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Radiohead
Mix Engineer Darrell Thorp

The single Plug-ins on sale

Awesome tools that'll melt the ice.



Semi-parametric Equalizer

KH-EQ1 -

Regular A one-of-a-kind EQ with an incomparable IQ. The KH-EQ1 is a semi-parametric 5-band EQ like no other! It features 5 ear-selected frequency ranges that each come with their matching saturation parameter, allowing you to create rich and colorful tracks. Great for: vocals, instruments, buss, and mix channels.



Vintage Plate Reverb

RO-140 -

Regular The best of a vintage classic for ultimate reverb authenticity. Modeled on THE classic with 6 different materials, the RO-140 offers a virtually infinite amount of customisation options for limitless creativity, while delivering in our signature vintage style.



Original Levelling Amplifier


Regular The bespoke compressor like no other, where creativity meets innovation. The Koen Heldens KH-COMP1 Signature Compressor is a versatile beast! The unique Hilbert Transformer and the Zero Latency Design will allow for the fastest attack on the market. Great for: literally everything!

Mix Engineer Aubrey Whitfield

"The RO-140 has blown me away with its gorgeous, warm and rich plate sound. It’s Intuitive to use and the presets all sound amazing! The RO-140 is definitely now one of my go-to reverbs for vocals and acoustic guitar"

Aubrey Whitfield

Kelly Clarkson, Simon Webbe

Extensive DAW Compatibility

Black Rooster Audio Plug-Ins (AAX/VST/AU) are compatible with all major digital audio workstations (DAW) and many more.

Avid ProTools ProTools
Presonus Studio One Studio One
Steinberg Cubase Cubase
Reaper Reaper
Bitwig Bitwig
Audition Audition
Live Live
Logic Logic
Digital Performer DP
FL Studio FL Studio