Koen Heldens

Koen Heldens at Black Rooster Audio


(XXXTentacion, Timbaland, Taryn Manning)



Koen, originally from the Netherlands, moved to Los Angeles aged 19 to start a successful career in the music business. Beginning with attending music school at the age of 6 and accelerating through his teenage years as a music producer, Koen’s love for music production ultimately led to a deep passion for the art of mixing down music.

Short after moving to LA, Koen gained the friendship of legendary GRAMMY® Award-winning mixing engineer Dave Pensado (Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Elton John). Dave’s friendship proved to be a perfect starting point in Koen’s career as a mixing engineer.

Since then he caught the attention of 3x GRAMMY Award-nominated producer Dem Jointz (Dr. Dre, Janet Jackson, Rihanna) leading to Koen becoming the in-house mixer for Dem’s “U Made Us what We Are” brand.

With his extensive technical, creative background and humble approach; Koen continues to work with the who’s who of today’s popular music and is a trusted face for top pro audio brands and an officially listed partner with Apple® for Mastered for iTunes® (MFiT).

Black Rooster Audio Plugins

VPRE-73 Plugin

„VPRE-73: Sounds like rich dark chocolate syrup! Brings lushful body to thin sounding vocals.“

VLA-2A Plugin

"The VLA2A is the closest emulation of the legendary original LA2A I have heard so far due to the brilliant mimicking of it's analogue saturation as well as its slight pumping effect. Well, well done!"

SC-5 Compressors

„The Blueface and blackface comps are great Ashly emulations, just thickness in the right places! I love the combination of the VLA2A and the Blueface comp in series on lead vocals. Phat controlled vocals!“