VLA-FET Release

Black Rooster Audio is excited to present the VLA-FET, inspired by one of the most famous and renowned leveling amplifiers in studio history. This plug-in allows for manipulation of the dynamics in the most intuitive but intense manner, thus giving you a creative tool with an outstanding variety of options, never being overly complex in handling.

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01 Jul 2019

The super-fast attack and release times will shape out your signal more precisely and efficiently, for forceful drums, bass, and vocals.

Besides the classic parameters, we added some modern touch and functionality to the unit, such as a side chain and a mix control - to make you even more flexible. The Emulation is instigated by the classic LN Rev F, with Lundahl transformers and an op-amp input stage similar to the LA-4A, that have been formulated in detail, striving for an authentic vintage sound.

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