KH-EQ1 M/S EQ Release

Black Rooster Audio presents the the KH-EQ1 -- a semi-parametric 5-band EQ like no other!

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05 May 2021

Koen Heldens Signature Series

The KH-EQ1 is a semi-parametric 5-band EQ like no other. It features rich-sounding frequency band controls that allow you to add color to each band while encouraging creative sound shaping with its highly musical functionality.

The KH-EQ1 - the second part of the Koen Heldens signature series - is a professional studio EQ with a twist, which features harmonic per-band saturation and our innovative, stepless Mid<->Stereo<->Side router.

Each license includes custom presets created by Koen himself, giving you the professional studio experience you’ve been waiting for.

It is the perfect addition to any producer’s arsenal, and it’s the ideal tool for adding richness and creativity to your productions!

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