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We would love to get to know you better, with a few questions. If you like, please share your story and ask us back anything you'd like to know and take a chance to win the VLA Bundle.

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André Kirchner 07 Jan 2020

When and why did you start producing music?

For 2K20 we aim for a more open strategy on how we plan and build software that really fits the requirements of our customers & supporters. One crucial part to that is the understanding of your story and your professional needs - so: We would love to get to know you better, with regular questions. If you like, please share your story and ask us back anything you'd like to know. Comment below!

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Comment by André Kirchner |

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Comment by Ken |

I started producing music in the earlier days of digital recording with Cool Edit Pro and have not stopped since. The need to create complete songs and realize whole ideas is what drove me to producing. It wasn’t enough to sketch out an idea on guitar or keyboard and hope for others to help flesh it out; I needed to prove to myself I could do it all. It’s been a pursuit ever since to continually improve in both sound and songwriting.

Comment by dominic mckay |

First went to college in 89 to do a music course, had no idea that I would actually learn to make my own music before I enrolled, went on to do a BSc in audio technology, basically it was at the very beginning of VST integration, hooked ever since.

Comment by Jan Kunc |

I have started to mess with "music production" when I got my first PC back in the early nineties (around 1992) at the age of 14 - got a copy of Modedit (the only music software I was able to find) and started to hunt for MOD files (the only source of samples for me back then)...don't know where the interest came from, I just felt like it's precisely what I wanted to do on the computer! And the love remained - it's still my favorite hobby today.

Comment by MazQ |

I would like to try console plugin more.

Comment by MazQ |

I started producing music when I was a student of 1st grade of university.
I just wanted to try to create music using synth like my favorite musicians.

Comment by Simon |

1988. I borrowed the Tascam Portastudio from my High School and recorded a 10 minute solo bass opus. It was truly awful.

Comment by RJ H |

probably 8th grade in the United States on a laptop computer. i was listening to a lot, and i'm sure this fostered the impulse to create. i don't think i have ever not made or recorded music on a computer and inside of a DAW, so the application of VSTs in my music has been indispensable from the beginning.

Comment by Koda |

Started producing around 2008 when in middle school still, eventually went to IPR in Minneapolis got a degree in audio engineering and sound design for visual media. I interned and worked at a few studios in the area until currently I’m attending school for Electronics Engineering.

Comment by Victor Rølvaag |

I started producing music after I watched a guy name Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl from the same country on the news. He had become famous for a remix og a song he made in the basement on a laptop: «I see fire». His nickname was Kygo and he broke through on Soundcloud. I managed to figure out what software he used and was so inspired to make something myself as both I and him grew up playing the piano I saw him as my new role model in music. I started watching tutorials on YouTube and from there on I was hooked.

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