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The Ash Bundle is here!

We are proud to announce the re-release of our iconic vintage compressor plug-ins, the BlueAsh SC-5 and the BlackAsh SC-5 in the form of the ASH Bundle.

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Nikita Alvaro 21 Jul 2020

Taking Position

We have recently taken to social media to get your input to rename our Blackface SC-5 plug-in, and we were overwhelmed with the support and brilliant ideas from our Black Rooster Audio family. We have since decided on the name BlackAsh SC-5, as a tribute to its inspiration - the Ashly SC-50's Blackface edition. We have also renamed the Blueface SC-5 to BlueAsh SC-5 for consistency.

The name change had been in the pipeline for a while, but was prioritised due to our increased desire to change the name of the plug-in formerly known as the Blackface SC-5. While the original name was inspired by the Ashly SC-50’s Blackface revision, where the front plate of the unit is colored completely black, it was time to update this revision to a more sensible and inclusive name.

A statement issued by our CEO, André Kirchner: 

“It is important to us that everyone in our Black Rooster Audio Family feels welcome, understood and included. This is also why we asked our followers when it came to picking a new name for the products. Our community has been incredibly supportive and helpful with this change, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

The plug-ins themselves pack as much of a punch as ever, reflecting the authentic, vintage sound that these plug-ins are known for. In case you haven't tried them already, here is some information on these 2 iconic tools:

About the BlueAsh SC-5:
Accurately modelled after the original 70s Blueface version of a classic and sought-after VCA compressor, this plug-in opens up a whole new world of versatility - from gentle compression to aggressive live drums - the BlueAsh SC-5 can handle it all.

About the BlackAsh SC-5:

The BlackAsh SC-5 was faithfully modelled after an 80s VCA compressor for an authentic vintage sound. Compared to its sibling, the BlueAsh SC-5, it offers a distinct harmonic structure and a darker tone - with the added option of an external sidechain input for versatility.

The ASH Bundle will be released on our website on the 22nd of July, 2020, and will be on sale for a limited time only, at $19. 

The BlackAsh SC-5 and the BlueAsh SC-5 will continue to be available for sale separately, priced at $99 and $89, respectively.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our company over the past few years and everyone who has given us name ideas for this bundle. We couldn't ask for a better community!

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Comment by luka |

Those are fantastic compressor with a very distinctive sound, it's great to have them in a bundle!

Adding a mix knob and internal calibration would make them stellar!

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