Solidarity Statement

The COVID-19 crisis shows us in particular where our personal financial and social limits and challenges lie. Many people, many customers of Black Rooster Audio and we ourselves are more or less confronted with an illness or its consequences personally or in our family environment. The music industry, which is fundamentally linked to the event industry, is facing drastic economic changes - many artists and media professionals will feel the effects of the collapse of the event industry with a delay, but all the more violently for it. So this affects our colleagues. I would like to express courage and patience to all those affected and wish you all the best on behalf of the entire team.

We must not forget: Many people outside of our personal environment are also not doing well in the face of the circulating epidemic. No matter whether helper, sick or people at risk - these groups also need our special support and solidarity. We also have to realize that the humanitarian emergency is still imminent, especially in the infrastructure-poor countries in Asia and Africa. Governments and systems will be shattered in the fight against and equalization of the disease wave, and even more people will be directly affected by governmental shut-down. It is our absolute task and responsibility as human beings to make our contribution and to support where help is most urgently needed.

For this reason, we have launched the #STAYHOME campaign, which is intended to create awareness and alternatives (e.g. 90% discount on tools for home music production) for personal challenges in the immediate vicinity, but also through a donation of 10 % of the revenue for the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund, that will support infrastructure projects around the world. Thanks to your help, we were able to raise more than $ 3,000 in donations in the first 3 days, which we can now pass on. And we keep going!

Regardless of whether you feel addressed by our campaign and / or have participated, we ask you to support local and global solidarity projects and the many (volunteer) helpers actively or by donation and thus cushion the massive social impact of the worsening crisis.

I thank you very much for your commitment.

All the best and stay healthy!
André Kirchner (CEO)

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