5 things to know about the VPRE-73

The VPRE-73 is one of our best-selling plug-ins - and for a good reason!

This is quintessential plug-in breathes new life into any track that it is added to. Inspired by a legendary piece of analog gear, this vintage preamp emulation plug-in packs a punch when it comes to delivering that smooth, vintage character that we know and love.

Here are five things you need to know about the VPRE-73.

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Inspired by a piece of music history

The VPRE-73 was inspired by the iconic Neve 1073. This classic, solid-state channel preamplifier has been used on many hit records to date. It is so iconic, in fact, that it achieved legend status. It became known for its "British Sound" or "British Iron".

The VPRE-73 offers the sound of this recording studio classic from the comfort of your computer, without the hefty price tag. What's not to love?

It makes virtual instruments sound realistic

Let's be honest - we can't always use real instruments in our mixes. On top of that, it can be tough to find that authentic sound that you want from a synth or virtual instrument. 

Not only do they often sound fake, but they lack character, and can sound downright sterile. The VPRE-73 solves this problem by adding just the right amount of analog authenticity that you need to any track that you put it on.

It features authentic circuit emulation

We have made the VPRE-73 as authentic as possible, so you'll feel as if you're working with a real piece of analog gear, minus the hassle.

Our signature real-time SPICE-type component-based circuit simulation approach has allowed us to authentically capture the sound and feel of real analog gear. We have really gone into detail with this - from every part of the circuit to the input and output audio transformers, the discrete preamp circuit and the HF shelving filter band - everything has been faithfully modelled.

Harmonic distortion makes everything sound musical

The high-frequency shelving filter band brings out the high-quality harmonic distortion that this plug-in provides. Our users often find that adding the VPRE-73 to their tracks gives them that musical analog console cohesion that they're looking for, without sounding too obvious.

An instant favourite!

Many of our customers have said that the VPRE-73 became their favourite Black Rooster Audio plug-in from the moment that they tried it. 

We're not surprised - this nifty tool makes a huge impact on any mix.

Ready to take the plunge? Try it yourself here and see it for yourself!

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