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CEO Notes

New year intentions from the CEO

2020 is going to be game-changing for me personally and the brand that is Black Rooster Audio

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André Kirchner 01 Jan 2020
"Some of you might know that due to personal issues & fundamental misplanning, we have had a tough time for at least the last 2 years. We have gone through serious situations that perfectly showed us our economical and personal (health) limits, not to talk about the hours our families have been waiting for their daddies and hubbies to come home and share some quality time. The many issues showed just how much I lost focus and have been bound to the operational business instead of creating sustainable value to the company, and to my life.
Black Rooster has always been more than a project, but a lifestyle that I identify with and I always wanted to share that philosophy with our customers and artists - to really make a difference. All our software aims for the creation of true art and the intention always has been to provide easy to use tools, that not only have nice GUI, but really help shape the individual sound of its user. As a professional mix engineer and musician myself, I have been pushing the bar to the highest standards - and I have been happy and blessed working together with people who share both my philosophy and the quality aspiration.
So with my personal limitations but high intentions, there has come some pain, that I was not able to identify, yet understand. I have lost balance in life, that affected my work and family. Within the last months I have undergone lots of counseling & consultation and taken some time to re-think what needs to be done, to fill my existence with sustainable value and make Black Rooster Audio the brand, that me & Reimund intended it to be.
2020 is going to be game-changing for me personally and the brand that is Black Rooster Audio ... with lots of great new opportunities, signature series, hardware cooperations, new artists to join the roster and pro audio content, that will make us a first call for sound enthusiasts, beginners and professional mix engineers.
Thank you all for your support. Have a great year 2020!"
- André Kirchner, CEO

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Comment by André Kirchner |

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Comment by Neil Gerard Katz |

Just want to say I just downloaded the Canary drum software. I don't normally leave comments, but this miracle lets me set and forget my drums -after EQ and compression to free up time working on other tracks. I get great thicker sounding drums on every recording. BRA is really onto something here. Looking forward to trying out all there offerings.
Neil Katz
St Louis, MO

Comment by Danijel |

Thank you for your hard work and perseverance. Thanks to you, and the patience of your family, we customers can work with great plugins. Good luck. :)

Comment by Clifton Develle Cameron |

Love what you're doing. It's just the beginning. Great work. It's time to bring the Arc of the Art into the Magnetic Universe.

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