Nando Vieira

Nando Vieira at Black Rooster Audio


(Roberto Carlos, Rita Lee, Chrystian and Ralf)


Nando Vieira is a Brazilian music producer and co-owner of Family Music Studios in Sao Paulo/Brazil.

He has worked in the music industry since 1994 either playing, recording, mixing or producing music - from playing in bands from an early age (Anjos da Noite, O Terço, Anjos e Cowboys), and producing for big names in Brazillian music such as Rita Lee, Chrystian and Ralf, Alexandre Pires, Roberto Carlos, among others.

He is also known for working with independent brazilian pop artists such as Corvel and Seu Edinaldo, amog others and he was nominated to the PPM (premio profissionais da musica) in Brazil, one of the biggest awards in Brazilian Music.

In his words: "It is not easy to polish the dreams that are born in the thinking heads of musicians and artists looking for a music producer. But it is an honor to have the confidence of these people to help conceive a child for them, something that will accompany them forever!"