Let the OmniTec-436C breathe new life into your productions with its velvety, warm vintage sound.

Don't settle for sterile, lifeless tracks - from smooth vocals to beautifully balanced mixes, this vintage classic with a twist can do it all.

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Vari-Mu Compressor OmniTec-436C

A brief history

Our latest vintage vari-mu compressor plug-in draws inspiration from the legendary Altec 436C tube compressor, renowned for its dynamic range and vintage warmth. Originally introduced in the 1950s, the 436C was quickly embraced by top producers for its versatile parametrization and its highly musical output. This iconic compressor's innovative circuit and distinctive sound went on to inspire other famous compressors, including the Fairchild and Manley vari-mu units.

This iconic piece of gear has a long list of impressive credits, such as legendary producer Geoff Emerick of Abbey Road Studios. He made use of the Altec 436C to lay the groundwork for many hugely significant recordings, including those of The Beatles, Herb Albert, and Frank Sinatra. The 436C then went on to establish itself in pop music studios across the US and Europe.

The OmniTec-436C plug-in flawlessly emulates the best features of this vintage compressor while modernizing them with our signature Black Rooster Audio twist; offering additional side chain filters, a dual mono/stereo link, limit mode and SC listen mode.

With its tube-based modeling, the OmniTec-436C has a highly musical quality that brings a smooth, mellow tone to your tracks, without ever overpowering a mix. Instead, it provides just the right amount of cohesion, giving your recordings the perfect amount of "glue."

The OmniTec-436C is the perfect tool to add that luscious vintage tone to your mix. Try it on vocals, strings, brass, or even synthesizers, and experience the vintage quality that stands the test of time.

OmniTec-436C Vintage Compressor Plug-in Frontplate

"On master bus, the 436C is capable to gently compress and even out the sound before feeding it into the final limiter. It preserves the low end, can give it extra punch or tame those unnecessary heavy low end sparks. It is also highly usable on vocals, thanx to its transparent compression - it feels like the vocals keep their natural dynamic range while being more audible through the mix."

Igor Korzhov

Producer/Mix Engineer
Igor Korzhov

Vintage Vibe

Density & Color

Our OmniTec-436C plugin accurately emulates the circuit & characteristics of a vintage vari-mu compressor, providing the warm and natural analog sound that engineers and musicians crave.
The OmniTec-436C digital vari-mu compressor plugin comes equipped with a powerful 2-band sidechain filter, giving you complete control over the compression behavior of your audio signal for a truly professional sound.
With the OmniTec-436C digital vari-mu compressor plugin, you can effortlessly achieve cohesive and dynamic stereo mixes with our advanced stereo linking and parallel compression capabilities, providing unparalleled control over the stereo image and density of your sound.

Audio examples

Audio samples of OmniTec-436C Plug-In

Plug-In Features

All Black Rooster Audio plug-ins are designed for high-performance and authenticity.

Inspired by the classics

This plug-in was inspired by one of the finest vintage compressors, the Altec 436C, and includes the Black Rooster Audio twist that we’re known for.

Faithfully ModeledVari-Mu Stage

The OmniTec-436C’s vari-mu stage was faithfully modeled after its hardware counterpart, accurately emulating its circuit and characteristics while delivering the warm and natural analog sound that you know and love.

2-Band Sidechain Filter

The plug-in’s powerful sidechain filter allows you to filter the sidechain signal using high and low filters from 100Hz up to 20kHz for complete control. Additionally, you can employ the SC Listen Mode in order to listen to the isolated sidechain signal after filtering.

Stereo Linking & Parallel Compression

Gain precise control over the stereo image and density of your sound with the OmniTec-436C’s advanced stereo linking and parallel compression capabilities, and create a cohesive mix with ease.

SSE2 & Apple Silicon optimized code

DSP operations are pipelined using the SSE2 and Aplle Silicon instruction sets. This ensures a high-performance operation despite our plug-ins’ very complex computations.

HighDPI/Retina Support

The user interfaces support high pixel density on both Windows and Mac OS systems, giving you the most enjoyable user experience on high DPI displays.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements (MAC)
  • Intel Core CPU or Apple SIlicon M1/M2 Processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.10 or newer
  • VST, AU or AAX compatible host (64bit)
  • Display resolution of 1280x1024 pixels or higher
Minimum System Requirements (WINDOWS)
  • SSE2 compatible processor (Intel Core CPU recommended)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • VST or AAX compatible host
  • Display resolution of 1280x1024 pixels or higher

Extensive DAW Compatibility

Black Rooster Audio Plug-Ins (AAX/VST/AU) are compatible with all major digital audio workstations (DAW) and many more.

Avid ProTools ProTools
Presonus Studio One Studio One
Steinberg Cubase Cubase
Reaper Reaper
Bitwig Bitwig
Audition Audition
Live Live
Logic Logic
Digital Performer Digital Performer
FL Studio FL Studio

Unleash the power of the OmniTec-436C to effortlessly create well-rounded, harmonious mixes that are bursting with character. This versatile vintage vari-mu compressor plug-in accurately emulates the characteristics of classic studio gear, with added modern features for the ultimate user experience.
Breathe new life into your digital recordings with the magic of analog circuits, and none of the hassle of hardware gear - complete with our signature Black Rooster Audio twist.

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